Broch Seals- swimming club information 2009/10

The following information has been compiled to answer questions from parents and swimmers.

Broch Seals meet on a Thursday night from 6.00pm - 9.30pm. Upon joining your child will be allocated a lane and time for them to attend, depending on their ability. Thursday night is compulsory for all swimmers, and attendance is taken, as swimmers need a 70% attendance to be eligible to swim in the Annual Club Championships. There are other sessions available , these are by invitation

Broch Seals are members of the NEASCA, and compete in a winter league. The winter league is very important as it gives our younger and less experienced swimmers the chance to take part in a small competition within our own area. The only clubs affiliated to NEASCA are Broch Seals, Deveron, Huntly, Peterhead and Ythan. The Winter League consists of two competitions where all clubs compete together, and a series of inter club matches are decided at a meeting during the relay gala, and those dates are then posted on the notice board for parents and swimmers information.It is expected that all swimmers who are asked to take part in the winter league, will do so to support the club. The Winter League team is picked by the Head Coach and Gala Secretary, and swimmers are asked to tick their names if they are available. It is very important that swimmers let either the Head Coach or Gala Secretary know if they will not be able to attend. People who do not turn up on the night without prior notice can result in three other swimmers losing out on relay swims.

Swimmers will have the chance to enter galas once they have attained the correct legal requirements and times for competitions. All galas are posted on the notice board, in the form of Meet Eligibility Report and it is the swimmers and parent`s responsibility to check and tick any event they wish to enter, however the final decision lies with the head coach and gala secretary.

If your child has entered a competition it is a good idea to make a note of the date, venue and warm up times as entries are submitted many weeks before the event and people often forget these details. As the entry is submitted before a competition, the swimmer will be entered with their current personal best time, at the point of entry. Some swimmers who compete on a regular basis will exceed their personal best times before the competition date, but their new time cannot be used unless their new time has exceeded the entry cut off time.

It is also important that parents are aware that once an entry has been submitted the relevant fees will have to be paid, whether or not your child withdraws. The club has to pay the entry fee on application; any swimmer who is rejected will be given a full refund. Parents are asked to pay gala fees once their child has been accepted for a competition. If a swimmer has not paid any outstanding fees they will not be entered in any other competition until this has been rectified.

Any swimmer who becomes part of a swimming squad will be required to sign a swimmer`s code of conduct. The code of conduct also has to be signed by the swimmer and a parent or guardian, unless they are sixteen years old or over.

Coaches are responsible for looking after swimmers at a competition, and therefore all swimmers must remain at poolside at all times.

If your child is invited to become a squad member, one or both parents are required to become a club timekeeper, as you will be expected to take your turn at timekeeping when your child competes. If neither parent is willing to become a timekeeper, and your child does not have someone to timekeep on their behalf, they will not be entered in competitions, and could lose their place in the squad.

If your child withdraws from an event it is your responsibility to inform the head coach or gala secretary. If you are not going to be able to attend, and you are required for timekeeping you must inform the Club STO.
A list of all club committee members will be posted on the notice board, telephone numbers for relevant members will also be posted.

Please remember that our club runs on the good will of it`s volunteers. If you feel that there is an area where you could offer support, please get in touch with any coach or committee member.


  • President - Marie Cheyne ---------------------------Gala fee secretary - Janette Hardie
  • Assistant President - Tracy Milne------------------Child Protection Officers - Linda Lawrence & Edna milne
  • Secretary - Fiona Thomson--------------------------STO Convener - james Scott
  • Treasurer - Jillian Derby-----------------------------Catering/Refreshments - Ashleigh Lovie & Angela Masson
  • Membership& fee Secretary - Moira Robinson-------Clubwear salespersons - Mandi Campbell
  • Gala Secretary - Jim Kirkwood & Dorothy Kirkwood---------------------------
  • Ordinary Members - Andrew Bellany, Anne Marie Bellany,George Thomson,Pamela Blackhall, Michael Lovie, Alan Rennie, Nicola Cruickshank and Arlene Thoirs

Broch Seals Swimwear Price List

Girls Costumes Sizes 24"-32" £18.00  
  Sizes 34"-40" £22.00  
Boys Trunks Sizes 26"-30" £10.00  
  Sizes 32"-38" £11.00  
Boys Jammers Sizes 26"-30" £17.00  
  Sizes 32 Plus £22.50  
Polo Shirts Age 7-12 £11.00  
  S.M.L £15.00  
T-Shirts All Sizes £14.00  
Hoodies Child £13.00  
  Adult £15.00  
Shorts Child £10.00  
  Adult £12.00  
Towel   £12.00  
Club Track Suit Child 28"-30"&30"-32" £35.00  
  Extra Small Adult 32"-34"    
  Small Adult 34"-36"    
  Medium 38"-40" £40.00  
  Large 42"-44"    
Club Sports Bag   £12.50  
Beanies   £7.00  
Small Poolside Bag for holding accessories   £2.00  
Chamois   £4.50  
Caps   £5.00  
Goggles   £2.60  


To place your order contact : Mandi Campbell.

Broch Seals Anti Bullying Policy
Check out pointers for parents on respectme

Swimmers Code Of Conduct

Coaches Code Of Conduct

Broch Seals Annual Championships

Broch Seals Constitution

Club Child Protection Policy

We the club, believe that good practice at Broch Seals Amateur swimming club is as follows;

  • The welfare of children is everyone`s responsibility, particularly when it comes to protecting children from abuse. Everyone in swimming - Administrator, Club Official, Coach, Parent, Friend, Children themselves, can help. Children
  • and young people have a lot to gain from swimming. Their natural sense of fun and spontaneity can blossom in positive sporting environments. Swimming provides an excellent opportunity for children to learn new skills, become more confident and maximise their own unique potential. The club will place the needs of the child first and winning and competition second
  • The underlying principles with respect to child protection are that:
    The child`s welfare is the first consideration.
    All children, regardless of age, any disability they have, gender, racial origin, religious belief and sexual identity have a right to be protected from abuse.
    Children and young people must be treated with integrity and respect.
    Children and young people`s programmes and competitions will be relevant to their ages and stages of development.
  • We are committed to following the current Scottish Swimming`s child protection guidelines. All our volunteers/ staff are members of Scottish Swimming.
  • The club:
    Aims to create an enjoyable environment, where young people have the right to be safe, secure and free from threat.
    Acknowledges that young people have the right to be treated with respect and for their concerns to be listened to and acted upon.
    Will aim to ensure that junior members have specific programmes designated for them, with adequate supervision.
    Is committed to ensuring that all helpers, whatever their role, complete a club registration form, sign a code of conduct and complete disclosure application( if in a childcare/ adult at risk role ) and a self declaration form in relation to child protection.
    Provides clear, comprehensive, easily understood procedures for dealing with:
  • Allegations of abuse.
  • Requests for help and support on a confidential basis.
    Is committed to an equitable recruitment selection policy for coaches.
    Will always emphasise fair play.

Our Child Protection Officers are Linda Lawrence & Edna Milne

Fees and training times

Broch Seals meet on a Thursday night from 6.00pm - 9.30pm. Upon joining, your child will be allocated a lane and time to attend, depending on their ability. Thursday night is compulsory for all swimmers and their attendance is recorded as swimmers require 70% attendance to be eligible to swim in the Annual Club Championships. Other sessions may be available, which are offered by invitation. The fee for a Thursday is the same for all swimmers, regardless of how long they are in the water, because each member contributes to the cost of our affiliation fees to :-

SASA - Scottish Swimming Association.
NEASCA - North East Amatuer Swimming Club Association
SASA North District - Scottish Swimming Association ( Our Region )


Fees are collected in advance for 10 week blocks which will be collected by our membership secretary over 3 weeks, notices will be issued accordingly. Any swimmer with outstanding fees will not be permitted to swim until fees are paid.

SASA registration fees-- Annually Under 8 years £7.20
    Age 8 - 11 £16.50
    11+ £30.25
Club Membership-- Annually   £20.00
Club Fees      
Monday per 10 week block   £10.00
Wednesday per 10 week block   £20.00
Thursday per 10 week block   £20.00
Mornings per 10 week block per morning £10.00


Training Times--
Monday 7.00am - 8.15am 3.30pm to 5.00pm varied start times
Tuesday 7.00am - 8.15am    
Wednesday 7.00am - 8.15am 6.30pm to 8.30pm varied start times
Thursday 6.00pm - 9.30pm   varied start times
Saturday 8.00am - 9.00am